We are arthroscopic geo-surgeons.

Sewer pipe replacement: replace an existing pipe with the same size pipe. 

Pipe enlargement: Replace the existing pipe with a larger pipe.
Western States Pipebursting can increase a pipe by two to three sizes depending on soil conditions. 

For example: increase from a 6” pipe to a 10” or 12” pipe.

Fuse and Pull: Fuse and pull is a great service available to contractors who will complete the overall job but want the convenience of bringing in Western States Pipebursting to replace a section of pipe.  We do the pull and you do the rest.
All the same size linear pipe lengths and pipe size specifics apply to a fuse and pull.

We stand against you paying more for the traditional way of replacing pipes when all you get with that tradition is a messier, longer-lasting and more inconvenient job that leaves your business, your city, your infrastructure, your life and your budget in a messy hole.