Replace your pipe, not your road.

Jay Garrett

Jay Garrett, owner of Western States Pipebursting, has been replacing buried pipes for more than 20 years.  He is a nationally-recognized leader and innovator in pipebursting and line replacement. 

Western States Pipebursting serves commercial, municipal and industrial clients from the Great Plains, through the Rocky Mountains, to the Pacific Coast. 

Whether you are a municipal government in Kansas, a retail establishment in Utah or an industrial concern in Washington State, Western States Pipebursting can complete the job at a lower price and more quickly than finding a lesser-skilled company to dig a trench, ruin customer access for days, and mess up your street and business.

Western States Pipebursting covers all states west of the Mississippi River.

General Engineering License # 7344761-5551 issued by the State of Utah
Pipebursting Certificate issued by TRIC Tools.

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