So you need to replace a pipe and think you need to dig a trench to do it?  Don’t do it!

Pipebursting is THE PREFERRED METHOD for municipal, commercial or industrial pipe replacement.

There is no need to re-trench a pipe that is already buried; digging a trench is a waste of your time and your money.  Trenches also create major inconveniences for your customers, clients and residents.

Pipebursting technology is almost always faster and less expensive.  Replacing sewer and other pipes this way is much safer and much quicker, and creates a fraction of the disturbance of an open trench.

Western States Pipebursting replaces or enlarges your existing pipe without the mess and cost of a trench.  We pull a 200-year life-span pipe through the existing pipe with a minimum of cost and clutter.

Using Western States Pipebursting saves an average of 1/3 of the cost of a trenched replacement and we generally complete the work in 1/3 to 1/2 the time of the more expensive option. 

Once you know about pipebursting in general, and Western States Pipebursting specifically, you realize that a trench is not an valid option.

Less Cost.  Less Time. Less Mess.  More Efficient.  Safer.

Your decision is already made; use Western States Pipebursting.